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This web site hopefully provides both family and friends an insight into the adventures aboard Screensaver a 49’ Hunter sailing vessel. On this site you will find a blog/log of events trips  and passages. Some information in regards to fuel distances, check in, temperatures, anchorages, Marina pricing is also noted throughout the blog

Pictures are also added, some are included within the blogs but many more are added under the picture tab.
Videos never really got there yet so maybe one day I will find the time

How best to use this site as a cruiser:

There are links down the left hand side (of the home page)  which will open Google Earth. if you open the one that says 2008 to current it will show you everywhere I have been, including all stops dates Lon/Lat. You can then punch the date into the search box on the home page, and that will then give you the blog for that or those dates, or for a month or a year or anything else you enter.

If you click on any of the plotted points from within Google Earth you will often get time date speed course information and you may also get a webcam image taken at that time. These plotted points are GPS feed co-ordinates and are not manually generated so they are as accurate as our GPS. The last point of day is typically our anchorage as verified by our SOG (Speed Over Ground) being 0.

If you are cruising in an area and want to know what stops are nearby of course the same principle applies. If the place names are correct, which they may not be, due either to me, my  typing, or variations in mapping software, you should also find what your looking for.

Finally on the left hand side of the home page you will see “Screensaver rough planned route”. This is work in progress, but you will see little blue sailing boat Icons starting to appear. These will either be places I have been, or I am thinking of going. If you click on the little sail boat you will get some information about the stop. This is information I have collected, from blogs word of mouth anywhere, it may not be mine, and any waypoints there are typed in, unlike the red icon ones of where I have been. Hopefully this is helpful and I open to any suggestion on how to make it more useable to cruisers. Oh and if you save it to my places, it will be there when your internet doesn’t work.

Technology on board allows reasonably good internet access when all things are considered. But if there is no internet we are  reduced to the equivalent of a 9600baud dialup modem if you can remember that far back. (HF Sailmail),

The path of Screensaver is also shown on Google earth along with blogs of events good bad and ugly, pictures and expectations along some of the many glorious wonders of the world. Please note that the path is plotted when moving every hour, so in one hour I can dodge a lot of coral, or even go around a headland, and the plotted course will go right through it, NOT around it.

On the right is a search box which will search all blogs on this site for any key words.

Below that you can select the month you wish to look at going back about 5 years.

Blog entries are shown as highlighted days within any selected month

The most recent blog entry can be found by selecting Screensaver Blogs.

There is an email distribution list which I’m happy to added you to. An email is sent when ever I update the blog site typically no more than twice a month, or you can just chose the Follow link on the bottom right.

You will be blessed with my untainted views of the way things should be, and amazed at my grammatically challenged writings, hopefully providing good laugh  along the way. But for you more serious critics of writing skills let it be known  that you critics are all challenged  and lacking  neologism. My skills in portmanteau are clearly recognized and follow in the steps of many great artists. My leading edge acceptance of typoglycemia demonstrates I’m on the forefront, I’m compassionate and it has been proved that  am in fact enhancing or exercising your cognitive skills, although clearly some of you need more. Moreover If any of you know what I just said without looking it up, you have way too much time on your hands and need to go sailing.”

Characters or crew have been given names for the most part just to make reading a bit more interesting.

Captain & Dr Smith Me and my conscience which is referred to as (Dr Smith) taken from the character in Lost in space. Typically Dr Smith is negative doom and gloom with awkward what if type questions. I’m still pondering a printable name for myself, that wont send crew or readers running.

20120414 Hamilton Isl (9)Dr-Smith

Gypsy – Tania with her Gypsy ways although these days I think perhaps we should call her Mrs Wall Street, as she is more into the Jet set hardworking business side now days.


Mr Gucci – Tristan our son with his up market pizzazz and finesse Gucci sailing

20120414 Sawmill Bay (11)

Imelda  Marcos – Freda our son’s wife,  who has more shoes than  in any home or than the  average girl today has, including the old new ones never warn. Now she’s a taken to mine.


Bundi Shore station – Ken  my brother and our sailors support  who  makes sure we know where home is and helps us get anywhere and do everything.


B9 In our case the on-board computer/auto pilot (B9) Was Will Robinson’s Guardian and Dr Smiths rival.


Mouse – The Tender so called because of its size and  attachment to Screensaver

20110411 Lady Musgrave (31)



Missy – Elizabeth  Not a name I gave her and I think when Mum gave her that name it may  well have been  appropriate  and stuck but these days a little tamer. Gee Mum the animals are big here.

Missy 004a

Crash – Imogen  Joined Screensaver for 2011, and well lets just say I didn’t give her that name it came with her.

20110702 Palm Island (2)

This is what Crash had to say about me:

My first ever ocean passage was with Captain Alan and his lovely boat SS in 2011. We sailed together through some of the most remote places this seasoned traveller has ever found herself. Al is super safety conscious, a great teacher for a novice sailor, and screensaver is fitted with all the best safety gear. He was always a gentleman and I never felt ill at ease living in such close quarters which is vital as a single female travelling alone. Plenty of privacy in comfy large berth and own head and shower. Alan and Johnny Walker think they are unbeatable at cards, and this mere rookie crew member did not want to burst their happy bubble.
Thoroughly recommended Captain for first time sailors looking for comfortable, safe and fun cruising.


The Walker – Maria Walking was her thing, and she could happily walk the legs off any of you, and had me doing 20k in a day more than once.

20110323 Point Danger (3)


Miss Jetset – Alicia flew in for a few days before and including new years eve and flew out very early new years day. A short stay but interesting time.

 20111231 New Years Eve (7)

Alicia had this to say:

Alan is lovely! He welcomed me onto his boat for the Sydney to Hobart race. His company and tales were as enjoyable as the sail 🙂 I returned for New Years and felt like a spoiled princess. I’m certain we’ll make a voyage together again soon. I wish him all the best in his travels, and any one considering crewing for him would be lucky to!


Thia – Cynthia Canadian she says, but she’s never there. The location for this girl should always be with in + or – 20’  Latitude otherwise its just to cold, but  ironically,  home is Canada.  Couldn’t come up with an appropriate nick name that included gardening, optimism/positivity and more sun, where is the sun.

20120223 Smiths Creek (3)

In Thia’s Words:

I spent three months on Alan’s beautiful boat, sailing up the east coast of Australia, exploring many ports and islands The yacht is a beautiful and extremely well equipped boat with everything in excellent working condition; I did not need or want for anything. Alan’s sailing experience shows, as he commands his sailing vessel with confidence and pride. He is a competent captain, and interesting person to be around, and his organizational and navigational skills are top rate.
While sailing, I was always encouraged to explore my intuitions. My question “what happens if…” was always indulged and always turned out to be a great learning experience. He was a great tour guide, and addressed my suggestions on where to go and what to do with enthusiasm and interest. Alan always shared in the chores and the cooking, which gave both of us more time to enjoy our surroundings. The yacht was a joy to sail and a pleasure to be on!


CC or  Chippy Cousteau, – Troy a friend of our son who’s budding  Jacques Cousteau capabilities and  Chippy monster desires go hand in hand. Many thanks for the great pictures and video

20120421 Whitehaven  (6)

Turtle – Lisa –   Was a former photograph Journalist and definitely has some untapped affinity to sea creatures, especially Turtles who come at her call, and sailing to which Lisa is relatively new. Suddenly realizing  she is was working 7 days a week, the move is now to living and perhaps the dream.

20121021 Sailing (2)

Amelia Earhart – Valerie – A pilot, instructor, aviator in her own right trades in wings for sails. With navigating skills, and aligning of the parallel universes of aviation and seaman ship we are bound not to get lost. With dive certificates and no fear of heights the captain can wimp out replacing the light bulbs up the mast, and no longer dive in isolation. .


O+ ( Optimistic & Positive) – Sara-Jane – A teacher of teachers for the hearing Impaired  fluent in sign language with way too many logophile Gene’s ( no that’s not a typo or my poor spelling) . I’m sure she swallowed a dictionary at berth which contained all the obscure words you never herd off. Optimistic and positive in a new page of life, with determination to live not just exist.


L.ou – Louise-  Walks  the line between Administration in Medical field,  Whitsunday Race week Organizing, hospitality, and when ever she can, in the alternatives of life. With recently acquired Massage skills, previous sailing experience and a belief that there is only “now’  in combination with her desire to live a healthy alternative life, free of as many encumbrances, all motivates her down this path.


You have crew now – Vicky – Kitchen designer by trade, and I’m talking 6 figure kitchens here. Mother with a new lease on what is the combining of two passions of life, with genuine love of real sailing, (ie mono’s), diving, and everything this lifestyle brings. Racing skills clearly not forgotten and an adaptable enthusiasm, attitude, level of support that I for one should remember and would do well to  practice.


Kim (AKA Miss Clean) – Self employed Filipino contractor with better English and spelling than I coming from financial institutions, call centres, and Telstra (Philippines) Brings her own cooking flare, which will surely add to my waste line, runs an exceptional clean ship with a desire to experience new adventures, countries and places and people…. yea and she had enough of her job at the time….

20160528 Kim

Legal Note: The views expressed are typically mine and can be in first second or third person, and if they offend anyone then don’t read it.

Any constructive input positive or negative is very welcome.

Any advice on this website or suggestion are at your own risk.  As I’m no expert, in anything, all information is taken at your own risk, and as always in this world where no one is responsible for themselves anymore I expect you to look after me and protect me from myself, and keep me indemnified from everything.